Is Alejandro Fernandez Gay?

Who is Alejandro Fernandez?

Who is it? Alejandro Fernández Abarca, known as El Potrillo, is a 51-year-old Mexican singer and one of the most successful Hispanic music artists in history. He is the son of Vicente Fernandez, an iconic Mexican ranchera artist with several awards, and has two Latin Grammy Awards and one Hollywood Walk of Fame star himself. Alejandro’s music spans from traditional Mexican folk such as mariachi and charro to modern Latin pop. Despite his success, Alejandro has been the subject of long-standing rumors of his sexuality. Alejandro has been in several relationships, including marriage to America Guinart and a seven-year relationship with Colombian model and actress Ximena Diaz, with whom he has two children. A photo taken at a party which went viral caused speculation of Alejandro being gay. Alejandro has denied the rumors, claiming to like women a lot. Thus, it is clear that Alejandro Fernandez is not gay.

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What made Alejandro Fernandez famous?

What made this personality famous? Alejandro Fernández Abarca, or “El Potrillo” as fondly called by the media and his fans, is a 51-year-old Mexican singer deemed as one of the most successful Hispanic music artists in history. He is the son of legend Vicente Fernández, and like his father, is a double Latin Grammy Awardee and has a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is as talented as he is famous, starting out his career with mariachi and charro, and venturing into Latin pop to become a ranchera and Latin pop icon. His fame does not just come from being a talented musician, as many long-standing rumors have placed his sexuality under question. Despite having two prominent long-term relationships, and being linked to several other women, a photo from a bachelor party, which saw him shirtless and flanked by two men, stirred a maelstrom of rumors. However, confirming his orientation, Alejandro Fernandez has clarified he is straight and likes women a lot. Talent runs in his blood and questions on his sexuality have only made his fame more well-rounded.

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Is Alejandro Fernandez gay?

Is this personality gay? No, Alejandro Fernandez Abarca, the 51-year-old Mexican singer fondly referred to as El Potrillo, is not gay. The Latin Grammy Award-winner has long had to face rumors about his sexuality amidst his undeniable success in the music industry. Alejandro was married to America Guinart for six years and has three children with her, as well as two other kids with his long-term partner, Colombian model and actress Ximena Diaz. He has been linked with many other women in the past. In 2013, Alejandro took to the press to clarify the rumors and stated explicitly that he likes women and a lot. The well-known photo that started the speculation of his homosexuality in 2016 was actually taken at a bachelor party. The crooner poem for joy by taking to social media and unambiguously addressing the issue. To this day, Alejandro Fernandez denies any allegations of being homosexual and stays true to his self-professed heterosexuality.

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