Is Andy Cohen Gay?

Who is Andy Cohen?

Who is it? Andy Cohen is an Emmy Award-winning American producer, writer and talk show host famed for his successful career, as well as his sexuality. At 22, he came out as gay, making him the first openly LGBTQ late-night talk show host. His friendships with Anderson Cooper and John Arthur Hill have had people speculating about his romantic relationships. As a single father to two children, both from different surrogate mothers, Andy Cohen proudly flaunts them on Instagram to show his love and support. As far as his sexuality is concerned, it is safe to say that Cohen is a proud member of the LGBT community.

What made Andy Cohen famous?

What made this personality famous? Andy Cohen is an American producer, writer, radio and talk show host who has achieved fame and notoriety in his career. He began his career by interning at CBS News and interviewing actress Susan Lucci and eventually became a producer on the popular show “48 Hours”. On April 2009 Cohen began his own late-night show on Bravo called “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” and was soon promoted to an executive producer for the network. He is also the executive producer of the Emmy and James Beard award-winning “Top Chef” and is the executive vice president of Development and Talent for Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise. His most talked-about topic is his sexuality, which he revealed unknowingly to his mother when he was 22. Close friend and CNN broadcaster Anderson Cooper was rumoured to be in a relationship with Cohen, and he has also previously been in relationships with co-host John Arthur Hill and Epidemiologist Clifton Dassuncao. Finally, Cohen is now a proud single father of two children, son Benjamin Allen and daughter Lucy Eve, from two different surrogate mothers. This famous personality has certainly come a long way!

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Is Andy Cohen gay?

Is this personality gay? People have been talking about the sexuality of Andrew Joseph Cohen, more notoriously known as Andy Cohen, due to his successful career as an American producer, writer, talk show host, and Emmy Award-winning executive producer. At the age of 22, he accidentally came out to his mother when she read a letter he wrote to a gay man. He has remained open about his sexulaity since then and has been a friend of the CNN broadcaster Anderson Cooper for many years. In his personal life, Cohen has been in relationships with both Clifton Dassuncao and John Arthur Hill, yet is currently single and a proud single father of two children with two different surrogate mother. Therefore, the answer to the question is indeed, yes – Andy Cohen is gay.

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