Is Benji Krol Gay?

Who is Benji Krol?

Who is it? Benjamin “Benji” Krol is a 22-year-old famous social media personality who is known for his “softboy” looks and creative makeup videos. He gained a huge following on various social media platforms – having close to a million followers on Twitter, 2.2 million followers on Instagram, almost 4 million subscribers on YouTube and over 33 million followers on TikTok. Although he is popular for his funny videos and creativity, his personal life has also become a topic of discussion. Is Benji Krol gay? Benji is bisexual. He had relationships with Jorge Garay and Renata Ri, both of whom are social media influencers, and also Yvan Chirade, a TikTok star and artist. Benji has also been involved in a grooming “scandal” together with his ex-boyfriend, Jorge. The anonymous accuser reported that they had been manipulated and coerced into doing what the pair wanted for sexual pleasure when the accuser was 15 years old. Benji denied this and clarified that the accuser was 16 years old, and that Jorge had been sending his photos to several people without his permission and bragging about it. Although many people wanted to know, Benji never directly addressed questions about his sexuality, the fact that he dated both boys and girls is enough proof that gender doesn’t factor in his dating preferences.

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What made Benji Krol famous?

What made this personality famous? With the rise of social media, Benji Krol has become an influential figure with millions of followers across various platforms. He initially caught the public’s eye through his creative videos showing colorful makeup and face painting, as well as vlogs and funny videos. He found further success when his account combined with TikTok, and his popularity continued to grow. Aside from his creative content, his relationships and involvement in some controversies also caught the public’s attention. Through the years, his followers on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok skyrocketed, reaching hundreds of thousands to millions of followers. Despite declarations of his sexuality, Benji’s personal life, such as his relationship with Instagram star, Renata Ri; his involvement in the grooming scandal with YouTuber, Jorge Garay; and his most recent relationship with TikTok star and artist, Yvan Chirade, remain relevant topics that followers talk about and bring him further success. Benji’s story shows that with enough drive and interest, it is possible to achieve immense success as a social media personality.

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Is Benji Krol gay?

Is Benji Krol Gay? Despite being a famous social media personality, Benji Krol’s personal life has been a topic of much speculation, especially since he was involved in a “scandal” with his ex-boyfriend Jorge Gardi in 2020. Benji has also dated other social media stars, including Renata Ri and Yvan Chirade, both female. After all the speculation, it can be said that Benji is bisexual. While he hasn’t publicly addressed questions about his sexuality, it can be inferred from his relationships that gender does not matter when it comes to dating. The social media star recently took some time off from social media to clear some facts about the ‘scandal’ and to sort out his personal life.

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