Is Billy Idol Gay?

Who is Billy Idol?

Who is it? Billy Idol, also known as the lead singer of the band Generation X, is a British singer, songwriter, and musician who rose to stardom in the 1970s. Born as William Michael Albert Broad in 1955, his spot as one of the leading artists of the so-called “Second British Invasion” was cemented by his solo career. To this day, there has been some speculation about Billy Idol’s sexuality with some assuming he is gay due to his flamboyant style. However, with a long list of relationships and flings that involve females, it’s safe to say that Billy Idol is straight. He’s had relationships with actresses, models, singers, and dancers – such as Perri Lister, Linda Mathis, Sonja Morgan, Melissa Gilbert, Shanna Moakler, and China Chow – and even fathered two children with Lister. Billy Idol has never addressed the issue of his sexuality and even in interviews he rarely speaks of his love life. Nevertheless, based on his past relationships, it’s clear that Billy Idol is not gay.

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What made Billy Idol famous?

What made this personality famous? Born with the name William Michael Albert Broad, this 67-year-old rock star started his career as the lead guitarist of the punk band, Chelsea. After they broke up, he founded the band, Generation X, which propelled Billy Idol into stardom when they gained huge success in the UK and released three studio albums. His solo career shot him to worldwide fame as one of the lead artists during the MTV-driven “Second British Invasion” in the U.S. Idol’s punk rocker-inspired style, complete with makeup and metal jewelry, made him stand out even more and brought assumptions from fans that he was gay, although Idol never addressed the speculations. Despite his relationships and flings with a long list of women, including Perri Lister and Linda Mathis, rumors that Billy Idol is gay still persist. However, due to his active and public romances, he has proven that he is straight.

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Is Billy Idol gay?

Is this personality gay? Billy Idol is known as the lead singer of the band Generation X. He rose to fame in the 1970s when he began his solo career, cementing his place in rock history. Fans of Billy had assumed he was gay based on his look and the fact he never addressed the gay rumors. Examining his relationships throughout the years, it is quite clear that Billy Idol is not gay. He was in a longtime relationship with Perri Lister and later had an affair with actress Linda Mathis. He has also been linked to Sonja Morgan, Melissa Gilbert, Shanna Moakler, and Lindsay Cross. Additionally, he is currently dating China Chow and has shared many posts with his grandchild. Even though he has never officially addressed the gay rumors, it’s evident that the rock star is straight.

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