Is Blameitonkway Gay?

Who is Blameitonkway?

Who is it? Blameitonkway, also known as Kwaylon Rogers, is an American multi-talented social media personality, actor, and comedian, born in Dallas, Texas on February 11, 1991. His characters, such as Titi, a grumpy black girl with a weasel temper, have garnered tremendous amounts of attention, making him a beloved figure in the digital entertainment world. He has also appeared in films and TV shows, and collaborated with different brands and celebrities. However, his rise to fame also included gay rumors due to the portray of Titi on his show “Titi Do You Love Me”, which quickly became a success. Blameitonkway has been very private about his personal life, which sparked further curiosity around his sexuality. Contrary to the gay rumors, the actor actually mentioned having a girlfriend in 2011, and expressed his love for stand-up comedian Jess Moore on Instagram. He has also denied any suggestion of being gay. While he has never discussed his sexuality directly, it is likely that he is, in fact, straight.

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What made Blameitonkway famous?

What made this personality famous? Blameitonkway, born Kwaylon Rogers on February 11, 1991, is a multi-talented American social media personality, actor, and comedian. He rose to fame through his hilarious and relatable comedy skits on Vine and Instagram and his portrayal of characters like world-famous Titi, a grumpy black girl with the temper of a weasel. Blameitonkway’s fame escalated further through his acting roles in films and TV shows such as “TiTi Do You Love Me,” “Bid for Love,” and “Madea’s Farewell Play,” as well as his collaborations with numerous brands and celebrities. He also became popular due to rumors concerning his real-life sexuality, as his TV show “Titi Do You Love Me” featured a kiss with a man. Despite fan speculation, Blameitonkway has denied any queer rumors and stated that he has had a girlfriend back in 2011.

Is Blameitonkway gay?

Is this personality gay? Blameitonkway is an American social media personality, actor, and comedian who has made a name for himself through his humorous skits and beloved characters. After his character Titi, a sassy black girl with a short temper, appeared on the Zeus Network’s reality TV parody show “Titi Do You Love Me”, rumors sparked about Blameitonkway’s real-life sexuality, as fans assumed he may also be queer behind the camera. However, the actor has never directly discussed his sexuality, but he did once mention having a girlfriend back in 2011. Besides that, Blameitonkway has generally kept his private life out of the public eye. Despite the rumors, Blameitonkway has denied any claims that he is gay and has so far led the public to believe that he is most likely straight.

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