Is Brian David Gilbert Gay?

Who is Brian David Gilbert?

Who is it? Brian David Gilbert, known as BDG, is a 29-year-old social media personality, comedian, and all-around content creator. Fans may know him from his time at Polygon, where he hosted a show called “Unraveled,” or his YouTube channel, where he shares his surreal humor and original songs. Off the screen, he’s in a long-term relationship with his writing partner and now-fiancee, Karen Han. Amidst some rampant rumors, it’s safe to say that Brian David Gilbert is not gay and is, in fact, straight.

What made Brian David Gilbert famous?

What made this personality famous? Brian David Gilbert, alternatively known as BDG, is a 29-year-old former Polygon host, comedian, content creator and YouTube personality. Known for his surreal sense of humor, he rose to fame through his work with Polygon and his own YouTube channel which has amassed over one million subscribers. While his comedic performances and skits captivate his fans, they often also speculate on his sexuality, wondering whether Brian David Gilbert is gay or not. Though for a while his personal life was kept private, it is now known that Gilbert is actually in a relationship with the former Polygon entertainment reporter, Karen Han. The two announced their engagement in December 2020, and while Gilbert was never explicit about his sexual orientation, it has become clear that he is indeed straight, and that he found love with Han. It is this combination of larger-than-life humor, relatability, and his real-life relationship that have kept fans coming back, making him the famous personality he is today.

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Is Brian David Gilbert gay?

Is this personality gay? The question on everyone’s mind is: Is Brian David Gilbert gay? While the content creator remains tight-lipped about his personal life, his relationship with his fiancée, Karen Han, has left no doubt that he is straight. While Gilbert has a perky and sometimes girly personality, this has no bearing on his sexuality. Fans’ assumptions of him being queer is only an assumption. Gilbert had been in a long-term relationship with Han since 2019, and recently announced their engagement on Instagram, proving that he prefers women. With relationships a known part of his life, it can be said that Brian David Gilbert is not gay.

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