Is Cam Newton Gay?

Who is Cam Newton?

Who is it? Cam Newton, aka Super Cam, has been a staple of the NFL for over a decade. He’s a Heisman trophy winner and Carolina Panthers first-round draft pick who has been shattering records since his rookie year. Some fans have speculated about Newton’s sexuality, leading to rumors of him being queer or transgender. However, there’s nothing to support that. Newton has been in multiple relationships in his career, most notably with model Shakia ‘Kia’ Proctor, with whom he had four kids. He also briefly dated singer Ciara and model Rubi Rose, then went back to Proctor after cheating with Instagram model La Reina Shaw, with whom he had another child. While state representative John Rogers brought attention to Cam’s sexuality by mentioning him as transgender during a hearing, he later clarified that he meant gay, which isn’t true. So, to answer the question, Cam Newton is not gay – he is in fact straight.

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What made Cam Newton famous?

What made this personality famous? Cam Newton, popularly known as Super Cam, is a 33-year-old American football quarterback who was the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft – making him the only person to win the Heisman Trophy and be drafted into the NFL within the same year. Since then, Newton has been breaking records and is considered one of the league’s finest players. Understandably, he shot to fame, but there have been gay rumors surrounding him due to his style, fashion choices, and close relationships with male friends. However, Newton has had several relationships, the most notable being with model Shakia ‘Kia’ Proctor with whom he had four children before they split in 2019. Other relationships include TV star Angela Simmons and singer Ciara, both of which he had brief romances with. The rumors were further solidified when a lawmaker called him transgender, and later gay, during a hearing on an anti-trans athlete bill, though he never confirmed himself and the bill was never approved. In the end, Cam Newton is straight and not gay.

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Is Cam Newton gay?

Is this personality gay? Despite some fans speculating about Cam Newton’s sexuality due to his style, fashion choices, and close relationships with male friends, we can safely say he is not gay. Newton, or “Super Cam” as he is sometimes referred to, is a 33-year-old American Football quarterback who is a free agent. He has played for 11 NFL seasons, primarily with the Carolina Panthers, and received the Heisman Trophy and 2011 BCS National Championship Game as a junior. In the past, Cam Newton has been in several relationships, most notably with model Shakia ‘Kia’ Proctor, the mother of four of his children. Then in 2019 news broke out about Cam Newton having a baby with Instagram model La Reina Shaw, which was when he and Kia split for good. John Rogers, a Democrat from Birmingham, Alabama, made an assertion during a hearing on a bill about transgender people competing in sporting events that Cam Newton was transgender. He later followed up with it being a misspeak, and that the athlete was actually gay. All of Cam Newton’s past and current relationships, however, point to him being straight. So far, the athlete himself hasn’t commented but it’s safe to say he is not gay.

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