Is Carrot Top Gay?

Who is Carrot Top?

Who is it? Carrot Top, or Scott Thompson, is a world-renowned prop comedian who rose to fame in the 80s, becoming a Cartoon Network announcer in the 90s, and performing comedy shows in the Las Vegas Luxor Hotel for the past 15 years. But despite having worked for over three decades in the entertainment industry, rumors about the 56-year-old’s personal life still swirl around the internet. These center mainly on his sexuality, with many people assuming he could be attracted to men. But could these assumptions be true? With Carrot Top having gone under the knife multiple times, leading to a rather feminine-looking face, announcing that he is seeing someone without giving details, and being in a long-term relationship with a woman, the probability of him being straight is much higher than him being gay. Whatever his true orientation may be, he takes the constant rumors of him being gay with good humor and uses them for material for his shows.

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What made Carrot Top famous?

What made this personality famous? Carrot Top is a world-renowned prop comedian, popular for his iconic red hair and providing first-class humorous entertainment to audiences since the 80s. He had been doing shows for Las Vegas audiences for 15 years, and now has a 5-year contract extension making him one of the highest-paid comedians at the Luxor Hotel until 2025. His real name is Scott Thompson and the 56-year-old has appeared in a plethora of films, including “Pure Danger” (1996), “Chairman of the Board” (1997), “Dennis the Menace Strikes Again!” (1998), and “Smiley Face” (2007). However, his fame also brought speculation about his personal life, including his sexuality, which stirred up speculation that Carrot Top may be gay. Despite his plastic surgeries and facelifts making him appear more feminine, there is not much information about his private life, other than that he has a long-term relationship with a woman 18 years his junior. This, coupled with the fact that he has never been linked to any men and a preference for self-deprecating humor, leaves the probability of him being straight higher than being gay. But without any definite confirmation from Carrot Top, the speculation remains.

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Is Carrot Top gay?

Is this personality gay? With his iconic red hair and many years of providing first-class humor to his audiences, Carrot Top has become a world-renowned prop comedian. This 56-year-old entertainer, whose real name is Scott Thompson, has had plenty of successes and made many appearances, leading many to speculate that he might be gay. Yet, with Carrot Top’s secretive nature on his personal life and his current relationship with Amanda Hogan, a business entrepreneur 18 years younger than him, it’s hard to make assumptions about the comedian’s sexuality. He has never been linked to any man romantically in the past and has never really said anything about his sexuality, making the probability of him being straight more likely than him being gay.

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