Is Drew Lynch Gay?

Who is Drew Lynch?

Who is Drew Lynch? Andrew Lynch, better known by his shortened stage name Drew Lynch, is a popular American stand-up comedian who rose to fame after joining the tenth season of “America’s Got Talent”. Born on August 10, 1991, Lynch was born in Indiana and had his sights set on becoming an actor from a young age, moving out to Los Angeles at 19. However, an unfortunate softball accident caused an injury to his throat and a stutter, leading Lynch to find new opportunities in stand-up comedy. In 2015, the comedian joined the search for “America’s Got Talent” and won the audience with his sense of humor, receiving the Golden Buzzer. Though he placed second, Lynch gained international notoriety and further pursued his comedy career. Despite being open about many aspects of his life, Lynch’s personal relationships remain mostly unknown. Though some people have speculated it, he isn’t gay; he married his long-time partner Melanie Sergiev in a mountaintop ceremony in early 2019.

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What made Drew Lynch famous?

What made this personality famous? Andrew Lynch, better known as Drew Lynch, is an American stand-up comedian originally from Indiana. He became famous in 2015 when he participated in the famous show “America’s Got Talent”. During the show, he received the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel, launching him straight to the semi-finals, even though he didn’t win. Subsequently, he began performing around the world in comedy clubs, completely pursuing the career full-time. He also had a great success in his YouTube channel, boosting his fame. His personal life remains a mystery for many as his sexuality had to be confirmed by him. Indeed, Drew Lynch is not gay, he is in a relationship with wife Melanie Sergiev, whom he married in 2019.

Is Drew Lynch gay?

Is this Personality Gay? Despite the lack of information about Drew Lynch’s personal life and relationships, the answer to the question of whether the American stand-up comedian and TV personality is gay is clear. In an interview with Ability Magazine in 2018, Lynch shared that his own parents thought he was gay while he was growing up. Though he wasn’t, they still weren’t supportive. Lynch made it clear in the interview that he isn’t gay, and made the situation even more clear by marrying his current wife in a mountaintop ceremony in early 2019. Though little is known about Lynch’s previous relationships, it is clear that he is straight.

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