Is Gerard Butler Gay?

Who is Gerard Butler?

Who is it? Gerard James Butler is a 53-year-old Scotsman film actor and producer best known for playing heroic roles like Dracula, Attila, and King Leonidas in the 2006 “300” movie. Although he has starred in over 70 films and produced 25, his star performance in “300” won him numerous Emmy and MTV awards and established him as an action movie legend. The public is naturally curious about his private life and has speculated about his relationships and whether he is gay. On that note, Butler is currently in a “on-and-off” relationship with interior designer Morgan Brown and has been linked to a number of high-profile celebrities in the past. When asked about his sexuality, Butler said he was open about it and had slept with both men and women, but didn’t want to label himself as gay and thinks that his sexuality is his own personal business. This leads one to believe that he is likely bisexual.

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What made Gerard Butler famous?

What made this personality famous? Gerard Butler rose to fame when he portrayed King Leonidas in the war film “300” in 2006. This iconic role garnered him various nominations such as for the Empire Award for Best Actor, as well as a Saturn Award for Best Actor and an MTV Movie Award for Best Fight. Over the 73 films he has acted in throughout his career, Butler has become an action movie legend and a recognisable A-lister. His success as an actor has caused people to be interested in his personal life and relationships, notably, his sexuality, and if Butler is in fact a gay man.

Is Gerard Butler gay?

Is Gerard Butler Gay? With overall 70 films throughout his career, being one of the A-list actors in Hollywood, Gerard Butler has had the public’s eye following his every move, and rumors circulating his personal life such as his relationships and sexuality. He already had a list of high-profile relationships and even a long-term relationship with Morgan Brown. However, Butler does not want to be labeled as gay, though admits to having slept with men in the past. He said “I have been in relationships with women and also with men, but I’m not homosexual. I don’t even know what I am”, hinting that he is possibly bisexual. Thus, it seems Gerard Butler has not clearly identified his own sexuality and wants to keep it as his own personal business.

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