Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?

Who is Jackson Mahomes?

Who is it? Jackson Mahomes, son of famous American former professional baseball pitcher, Patrick Mahomes, and brother of popular American football quarterback, Patrick Mahomes II, is gaining fame in his own right as a social media influencer. Predominantly seen onInstagram and TikTok, Jackson is making a mark with his viral TikTok dances garnering over a million views each. However, with fame comes scrutiny, and many have questioned Jackson’s sexuality. In his own YouTube video “Who Is Jackson Mahomes? My First YouTube Video”, Jackson clarified that he isstraight, saying, “I’m straight, I like girls,” and added that his voice had been misunderstood harshly, as people would assume he is gay due to the way he speaks. Despite this statement, rumors of his being gay remain rampant. To this day, he has been linked to other social media personalities, such as Dayna Marie and Amanda Johansen, but nothing concrete has come of it. So far, Jackson’s focus appears to be on his career and studies, rather than being in a romantic relationship — and so it is safe to say Jackson Mahomes is straight.

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What made Jackson Mahomes famous?

What made this personality famous? Jackson Mahomes is gaining popularity not just because he is the son of a famous American former professional baseball pitcher, Patrick Mahomes, and the brother of a popular American football quarterback playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes II; but also because of his own presence on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Jackson is widely recognized for his viral TikTok dances with over a million views each. Fans have been curious about Jackson’s sexual orientation, but the social media influencer himself answered those queries in a YouTube video back in May 2020, that he is straight and attracted to girls. He does not seem to be openly dating anyone and his Instagram posts are filled with pictures of him with different women. Though it is unclear if any of these women are his girlfriends, it’s clear that his fame is not just attributed to his family’s success but to his own exemplifying presence on social media.

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Is Jackson Mahomes gay?

Is this personality gay? It’s the question on everyone’s minds, and one of the first question fans ask about social media influencer Jackson Mahomes. Earning attention on TikTok and Instagram, Mahomes has over a million views on his viral dances, though fans were naturally curious about his sexuality. Mahomes addressed the matter two years ago on his YouTube channel, confirming that he is, in fact, straight, and being completely respectful of his friends in the LGBT community. Rumors continued to fly despite his declaration, with people speculating if his “cringe videos” on TikTok had something to do with it. Though Jackson hasn’t publicly dated anyone, he insists that he is straight and attracted to girls, setting the record straight. So to answer, no, Jackson Mahomes is not gay.

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