Is Leah Marlene Gay?

Who is Leah Marlene?

Who is it? Leah Marlene is an American singer and songwriter who found international fame when she became one of the finalists of the 20th season of American Idol. Born to a musician father, Leah grew up in a musically-inclined household and was already performing professionally at the age of 10. Rumors sparked when fans were wondering if Leah Marlene was gay, some believed she was, as she allegedly “kinda came out” during one of her Instagram Lives. Though their widespread speculation was debunked by Fritz Hager, an American Idol contestant, and Leah said Fritz was like a brother to her. This left many people wondering about her real sexuality. In pairs with reports of the Instagram Live, Leah Marlene may be bisexual, and is open to dating both sexes. Though her current relationship status is unknown, Leah certainly has a bright future ahead with her music career.

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What made Leah Marlene famous?

What made this personality famous? Leah Marlene became famous when she joined and became one of the finalists of last season’s American Idol on ABC. A musically-inclined singer, songwriter and performer since the age of 10, Leah proved to be a star and blessed audiences with her powerful vocal performance. This celebrity status was further amplified when she released her original single “Flowers”, during the Grand Finale, and placed second runner-up. Fans are now curious as to what’s in store for this budding star and about her personal life. Rumors that she is bisexual has been swirling as Leah reportedly mentioned on one of her Instagram Lives that she is attracted to girls. While nothing is confirmed, Leah has kept her personal life and relationships largely private.

Is Leah Marlene gay?

Is Leah Marlene Gay? People have been curious about singer and songwriter Leah Marlene, particularly when it comes to her sexuality. Because of this, rumors have been circulating that she is gay. However, during an Instagram Live, Leah reportedly said that she is attracted to and open to dating both sexes. Thus, according to available information, Leah Marlene could be considered as bisexual. Further, Leah Marlene was not in a relationship with fellow American Idol contestant Fritz Hager, as clarified by Fritz during an interview with HollywoodLife. Even Fritz described Leah as his best friend and likened her to a sister. Unfortunately, as of now, there is no information about Leah having a boyfriend.

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