Is Lee Asher Gay?

Who is Lee Asher?

Who is it? Lee Asher is a famous dog rescuer, businessman and TV host, best known for hosting “My Pack Life” and travelling across the country with fifteen rescued dogs. Together with professional photographer Luke Barton, he runs an animal sanctuary, and their journey towards saving stray dogs has landed them in some prominent publications and on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. Fans had speculated Lee and Luke were dating, but they are just friends. Additionally, Lee is reported to be single, although he was formerly in a relationship with Ana Rubiolo and Sydney Febrach. Lee has been directly questioned on Instagram, and he has rejected any rumours of him being gay, saying he likes women.

What made Lee Asher famous?

Best known for his Animal Planet and Discovery+ TV series, “My Pack Life”, Lee Asher is a famous dog rescuer and businessman. He gave up his corporate job to pursue his dream of running an animal sanctuary with Luke Barton, professional photographer and dog lover. The Washington Post covered their story, and they even made it to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This led to rumors that Lee might be gay, but he has stated he likes women. Together, they have saved 500 dogs and created the Asher House, a non-profit animal sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon. He has also been in a relationship with Sydney Febrach, a fellow dog lover, but they broke up in 2018. Lee Asher is a great example of someone who left his corporate job to dedicate his life to making a difference in the world by rescuing cats and dogs.

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Is Lee Asher gay?

Is this personality gay? Lee Asher, the famous dog rescuer and businessman best known for his work on the Animal Planet and Discovery+ TV series “My Pack Life”, is the subject of gay rumors due to his involvement with LGBTQ+ advocacy and his outspoken support for the community. However, these rumors are false; Asher has made it clear himself that he is “straight” on his Instagram and has never been in a relationship with his colleague and friend Luke Barton – whom he meets when photographing his dogs – or any other man. Asher has been in relationships with women in the past, such as Ana Rubiolo, and he was in a long-term relationship with Sydney Febrach until they broke up in 2018. Therefore, it is safe to say that Lee Asher is not gay.

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