Is Love is Blind Nick Gay?

Who is Love Blind Nick?

Who is it? Amid the intense drama showcased in Netflix’s Love Is Blind, Nick Thompson’s enigmatic persona piqued the interest of viewers. People always referred to Nick as “the gay guy from Love is Blind” on Reddit and Twitter users even expressed their speculations about his sexuality. But contrary to social media opinions, there isn’t enough knowledge to prove Nick’s sexual orientation. We do know that Nick is a 36-year-old Chicago resident who works as a VP of Product Marketing and volunteers in non-profit organizations. He married fellow Love is Blind participant, Danielle Ruhl, whom he also got divorced from a year after. They cited “personality compatibility differences” as the reason for their split. Nick mentioned that the biggest challenge for them was “losing the structure of the show” as they had to adjust to being married compared to the time when they were single. He never addressed the rumors nor talks of any other relationship, leaving his sexuality open to speculation.

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What made Love Blind Nick famous?

What made this personality famous? Love Is Blind is a reality television series that first aired on Netflix in February 2020, and featured Nick Thompson as one of its participants. Without publicly addressing his sexuality, viewers quickly speculated that Nick was gay and made him popular, leading to Twitter conversations and other online discussions. Too make matters more interesting, Nick falls in love with Danielle Ruhl and the two marry in June 2021 in Chicago. But the couple goes through a heartbreak and divorces the following year, though the reason behind the break up remained unclear. This further drew out speculations and discussions on Nick’s sexuality, making him even more famous, with people still wondering if he is gay or not.

Is Love Blind Nick gay?

Is this personality gay? As we watched Nick Thompson’s journey on the Netflix original Love Is Blind, viewers could not help but speculate his sexuality. From Reddit to Twitter, people were sure that Nick was gay and, while it made for a great conversation, the 36-year-old Chicago resident never confirmed nor denied the rumors, leaving his sexuality still unknown. Even after Nick and fellow participant Danielle Ruhl became the first engaged couple on season two, got married, and then divorced over personality compatibility issues, we still have no confirmation of his sexual orientation. The ex-couple are now reportedly not speaking, and Nick hasn’t been linked to anyone else, which still leaves these speculations up in the air. Until Nick Thompson decides to address the situation, we still won’t know his identity.

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