Is Maya Hawke Gay?

Who is Maya Hawke?

Who is it? Maya Ray Thurman Hawke is an American actress, singer, and model, the daughter of two Hollywood veterans, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. Growing up with dyslexia, Maya found a home in an arts-focused school in Brooklyn Heights, laying the path for her acting career. She played a lesbian role in Netflix’s science fiction series “Stranger Things” which made her rumored to be part of the LGBTQ community, but Maya has only ever been linked to men in her dating history. Fans, however, were not pleased with her 13-year age gap relationship with The Sandman actor Tom Sturridge. Presently, she is linked with Spencer Barnett, an indie-pop musician. Although Maya Hawke enjoyed her role as a lesbian in Stranger Things, she is not queer in real life. Up to this day, her sexuality remains unknown as she hasn’t publicly identified herself as anything, but it is believed she is probably straight.

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What made Maya Hawke famous?

What made this personality famous? Maya Hawke has become a prominent figure in the Hollywood world in the recent years, both due to her family ties of Hollywood royalty, her parents being Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, as well as her projects. She’s gained stardom by her roles in “Little Women”, and “Stranger Things”, the latter leading to rumors that Maya might actually be queer due to her portraying a lesbian character in the show. However, with the recent events of her dating a series of men, from Gus Wenner to Tom Sturridge and most recently Spencer Barnett, it becomes certain that Maya Hawke is not queer, but instead is straight in orientation. Most of her hype and attention comes from her acting projects and her timeline of romantic partners.

Is Maya Hawke gay?

Is Maya Hawke Gay? No, the famous American actress and TV personality is not gay in real life. Despite her portrayal of a lesbian role in “Stranger Things”, all of her romantic relationship had been with men. Moreover, her offscreen partner is indie-pop musician Spencer Barnett, with whom she has been seen attending events together. Although they have not confirmed the relationship, rumors have been circulating since she is 13 years younger than him. Furthermore, Maya is well-known for expressing herself creatively and her interest in human contact, which could suggest that she isn’t comfortable sharing her personal life publicly. In conclusion, there’s no evidence that this Hollywood royalty has identified her sexuality as anything other than straight.

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