Is Nicola Porcella Gay?

Who is Nicola Porcella?

Who is it? Nicola Emilio Porcella Solimano is a Peruvian-Mexican actor and former professional footballer born in Lima on February 5, 1988. He has dual Italian and Peruvian citizenship and has a son with Francesca Lazo, a Peruvian makeup artist. He rose to fame in 2012 after participating in the reality show Esto Es Guerra, and won in 2014 with his ex-partner, former Peruvian reality star and host Angie Arizaga. Porcella has been the host and presenter of various shows such as Estás En Todas, Esto Es Guerra Teens, Vacaciones En Grecia and Sabes Más Que Un Niño De Primaria. In 2020, he obtained Mexican citizenship and competed in the reality show Guerreros from Televisa. In 2023, he reached the final of La casa de los famosos México from the TelevisaUnivision conglomerate, placing second. He also came out as pansexual during his time on the show. Porcella is the founder of his own clothing brand N12 and is the host of the web program El Show De Los Sábados.

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What made Nicola Porcella famous?

What made this personality famous? Nicola Porcella, born in 1988, is a Peruvian-Mexican actor and former professional footballer, who rose to fame through his media campaigns for the local team Chalaco, and his participation in reality shows such as ‘Esto Es Guerra’, ‘La casa de los famosos México’, and ‘Guerreros’. His strong character, paired with his knack for dribbling on the field has seen him become a source of respect from children and adolescents in Peru. He has also ventured into production companies, and is the face of his own clothing brand N12. For many, he has been an inspiration through his open declaration of pansexuality.

Is Nicola Porcella gay?

Is this personality gay? In 2023, Nicola Emilio Porcella Solimano, a Peruvian-Mexican actor and retired footballer, became known for his participation in the reality show La casa de los famosos México broadcast on TelevisaUnivision channels. While in the show, Porcella came out as pansexual, displaying himself as a proud gender-inclusive individual. He is also a single father to a son with Francesca Lazo, a Peruvian make-up artist. During his time in the show, Porcella stated that he would rather be judged for his talent and charisma rather than his gender or sexuality. He is an admirable figure for many people and his outlook will continue to inspire more people around the world.

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