Is Rick Owens Gay?

Who is Rick Owens?

Who is it? Dubbed in the fashion industry as the “Lord of Darkness” for his groundbreaking collections, Rick Owens is an American-born Paris-based fashion designer. This 60-year-old fashion icon, real name Richard Saturnino Owens, has gained recent popularity from endorsements from celebrities he’s worked with, and his gothic, aesthetic, and gender-neutral designs of the hottest color, black. But people have been curious about Rick Owens’ sexuality, to answer to the question “Is Rick Owens gay?” Rick is openly bisexual. He has been married to French designer Michèle Lamy for 16 years, who was 18 years older than Owens. After his divorce in 2003 from experimental filmmaker Richard Newton, Rick and Michèle became business and life partners, and he realized he was bisexual. Rick is also reportedly dating Australian model Tyrone Dylan Susman.

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What made Rick Owens famous?

Rick Owens is an American-born Paris-based fashion designer famous for his dark and gender-neutral designs, which has steadily gained traction due to endorsements from celebrities. Known also as the “Lord of Darkness”, this 60-year-old fashion icon has seen a surge of interest due to his sudden presence in different social media platforms and being donned by some of the biggest names in the hip-hop scene. People have been curious about a lot of things, particularly his sexuality. In fact, Rick Owens is openly bisexual and even dated the famous S&M photographer Rick Castro before he married French designer Michèle Lamy, who is 18 years older than him. After experiencing a heartbreaking break-up previously, Owens and Lamy eventually became business partners in their own clothing line, Lamy. The couple, whom people dubbed as an odd pair, has been married for 16 years and Owens currently has a muse—the Australian model Tyrone Dylan Susman—treasuring his ambiguous sexual orientation.

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Is Rick Owens gay?

Is this personality gay? Rick Owens, dubbed in the fashion industry as the “Lord of Darkness” and known for his gender-neutral, gothic designs, is indeed a married man. He is married to French designer Michèle Lamy, 18 years his senior, and has been since 2006. Owens has always been open about his relationship to the public and unapologetically admitted to being bisexual after dating his wife’s best friend, Rick Castro, for a year. Owens and his partner, Australian model Tyrone Dylan Susman, are now together. Although Owens had initially assumed he was solely gay, he now identifies as openly bisexual, enjoying a stable, unconventional relationship with his wife of 16 years and a person with different gender identity.

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