Is Sydney Sweeney Gay?

Who is Sydney Sweeney?

Who is it? It is Sydney Sweeney – a 25-year-old American actress who was born on September 12, 1997 and rose to fame following her Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in the 2021 HBO black comedy-drama anthology TV series, “The White Lotus”. Sweeney has been active in the industry for 12 years, dating back to when she was only 12 years old. Some fans have assumed that she is gay due to her often giving hints and a post of her hugging another girl, though Sweeney has never confirmed nor denied the rumor. In fact, she is currently engaged to Jonathan Davino, a restaurateur, whom she began dating in 2018 and proposed to in early 2022. At this point, it is safe to assume that Sydney Sweeney is straight.

What made Sydney Sweeney famous?

What made this personality famous? Sydney Sweeney is an award-winning American actress best known for her roles in the 2019 HBO teen drama series “Euphoria”, the 2021 HBO black comedy-drama anthology TV series “The White Lotus”, and the 2018 TV series “Everything Sucks!” and “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Her role in Quentin Tarantino’s 2019 film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” also caught the public’s attention. Sweeney, who is also a generous philanthropist known for her kind heart, started acting when she was just 12 years old and has been in the industry for 12 years. Despite popular gay rumors about Sweeney, she is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Jonathan Davino.

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Is Sydney Sweeney gay?

Is Sydney Sweeney gay? No, Sydney Sweeney is not gay. Rumors of her being bisexual were fuelled by an Instagram post of her and another girl with a caption alluding to a romantic relationship between them, but the actor never addressed the rumor nor confirmed any form of a same-sex relationship. Instead, she is engaged to her longtime restaurant-owner boyfriend, Jonathan Davino, whom she started dating in 2018. Speculation also spread regarding the possibility of a romance between Sweeney and Brad Pitt after they worked together in the 2019 movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” However, that too died down after she reunited with Davino. At this point, it is safe to assume that the 25-year-old actress is straight.

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