Is Terry Crews Gay?

Who is Terry Crews?

Who is it? Terry Crews, best known for his role as Sergeant Terry Jeffords in NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, is an actor and former NFL star who has been married for 33 years to actress and former beauty queen, Rebecca King-Crews. In the past, his personal life was subject to public scrutiny and led to speculation about Terry’s sexuality, often involving rumors of him being gay. Though Terry Crews was the victim of an incident with a sexual assailant, he clarified afterwards that being involved with another man does not change his sexuality: Terry Crews is a heterosexual man. His family has been featured on the reality TV show “The Family Crews” where their talented children have also played a part.

What made Terry Crews famous?

What made this personality famous? Terry Crews is famous for playing Sergeant Terry Jeffords in NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, however, the former football player was also an actor and hosted game shows like “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and “America’s Got Talent”. He was also the main character in the sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris”, which aired for four years and gained immense success. He has starred in various films over the years, like “White Chicks”, “Blended”, the “Expendables” series, and most recently, “Rumble”. It is undeniable that Crews has achieved a lot, from press to screen. It is no wonder why he has become so famous!

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Is Terry Crews gay?

Is this personality gay? People have often speculated about the personal life and sexuality of Terry Crews, the football player-turned-actor best known for his role in NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and who was also a professional football player. But the answer to those speculations is no – Terry Crews is not gay. Over the past 33 years, he has been married to actress and former beauty queen, Rebecca King-Crews. His family is also involved in the entertainment industry, having their own reality TV show “The Family Crews”. Being in such a scandal of sexual assault with another man does not make Crews gay, as he clarified in the past. Even after the incident, Terry Crews continues to inspire people with his openness and courage.

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