Is Tubbo Gay?

Who is Tubbo?

Who is it? It’s Toby Smith, famously known as the English streaming star, Tubbo. Off the back of his success on streaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, with 3 million subscribers, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, he has encountered a lot of controversy surrounding his sexuality. Rumours of him being gay started circulating due to his close relationship with fellow streamer, TommyInnit, and the streamer’s put a Pride flag on his Twitter bio once to celebrate Pride Month. Earlier this year, Tubbo got into hot water when during a three-word challenge with his fans he said “Get well soon” to a fan who said they were gay, which some fans found offensive. While the streamer has stayed tight lipped on his sexual orientation, he has said he doesn’t want this identity to become a part of his personality as he is more than that.

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What made Tubbo famous?

What made this personality famous? Tubbo is an English Twitch and YouTube broadcaster whose real name is Toby Smith and has 3 million subscribers on YouTube. He got his fame by starting streaming Minecraft videos on Twitch in 2018 and has been gaining followers since then. Aside from his streaming, rumours spread about him being gay due to him being close with another streamer, TommyInnit. Fans also believed so due to Tubbo’s Twitter bio in Pride Month, where he put up a pride flag. While there was a lot of banter between the two streamers, it may just be platonic friendship and fanservice. Everything aside, Tubbo hasn’t yet addressed these rumours and is currently working on TubNet, a crossplay minigames server. For now, it’s hard to tell what is true or not as Tubbo has opted to keep his private life hidden and has expressed that he wants his sexuality to not be a part of his personality.

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Is Tubbo gay?

Is this personality gay? It’s not unusual for streamers to develop close friendships with fellow streamers, however when English Twitch and YouTube streamer, Tubbo (real name Toby Smith) and TommyInnit, began forming closer bonds, rumors quickly spread of them being in a romantic relationship. With 3 millions subs on YouTube, Tubbo has gained an impressive following across social media platforms and streaming services, where people have seen the pair flirt with one another and speculation of Tubbo’s sexuality reached a peak with the appearance of a Pride Flag in his Twitter bio. Despite appearing to say “get well soon” to a fan who had come out as gay, Tubbo has kept his private life away from the public eye, saying he would not like to be labelled as a certain sexuality. It appears then, that for the moment, Tubbo’s sexuality remains unknown.

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