Is Alec Benjamin Gay?

Who is Alec Benjamin?

Who is it? Alec Benjamin is an American singer-songwriter who is known for his songs “Paper Crown” and “End of the Summer”, as well as his hit single “Let Me Down Slowly”. This 28-year-old artist from Phoenix, Arizona who also speaks Mandarin-Chinese, achieved great success with “I Built A Friend”, a song he wrote for a girl he met on a dating app at the beginning of the pandemic. His fanbase doesn’t believe that he is gay, as the songs he has written tends to be heterosexual. Even though he isn’t open about his love life, the chances are he is straight.

What made Alec Benjamin famous?

What made this personality famous? Alec Benjamin is an American singer-songwriter who made it into the limelight after the success of the single “Let Me Down Slowly” in 2018 and recent Mandarin-Chinese versions of his songs. He is also recognized for writing music for other artists such as Jon Bellion in his “New York Soul, Pt. II” album. After the tear-jerking choreography of America’s Got Talent contestant Merrick Hanna to his song “I Built A Friend”, Benjamin gained even more popularity where curious fans wanted to know more about his personal life. Despite assumptions, Alec remains private on the issue of sexuality yet there is evidence that points to him being straight as he’s always written songs about having relationships with girls.

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Is Alec Benjamin gay?

Is this personality gay? With the success of Alec Benjamin’s singles such as “Paper Crown” and “Let Me Down Slowly” in 2018 and the tear-jerking performance which catapulted “I Built A Friend” to the #1 trending video on YouTube by America’s Got Talent contestant Merrick Hanna in 2017, many people want to find out more about this 28-year-old American singer-songwriter from Phoenix. While Benjamin is private with his personal life, fans note that his songs always include heterosexual relationships and as far as anyone knows, he has neither publicly dated anyone nor clarified his sexuality. Because of this, most people believe that Alec Benjamin is straight.

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