Is Amber Liu Gay?

Who is Amber Liu?

Who is it? Amber Liu is a Taiwanese-American singer, rapper, songwriter, and K-pop star that has often spurred rumors about her sexuality. Born in Los Angeles on September 18, 1992, to hardworking immigrant parents, she left home to pursue her dreams of music in South Korea in 2008. There, Amber was part of the well-known K-pop girl group F(X). Despite her androgynous appearance, the singer has only confirmed one relationship with an ex-boyfriend and has never clarified her sexual orientation. Thus, due to speculation, many fans have been curious to know if Amber Liu is gay. To date, the answer is no. Although the star enjoys wearing her hair short and masculine clothing, she has never confirmed her sexuality nor pronouns. As such, it is assumed that Amber remains heterosexual.

What made Amber Liu famous?

What made this personality famous? Amber Liu is a Taiwanese-American singer, rapper, and songwriter best known for being part of the famous K-pop girl group F(X). She stood out among her peers as she embraced a more androgynous style and appearance. This caused many to ponder her sexual orientation. After training for over a year in South Korea, Amber debuted with F(X) and released her debut EP, “Beautiful” in 2015. The title track proved to be a huge success, peaking at #2 on Billboard’s World Albums chart. She later continued to collaborate with other K-pop idols and became a solo artist in 2018. With her unique looks and music, Amber Liu has become a beloved figure in the K-pop industry.

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Is Amber Liu gay?

Is Amber Liu Gay? Despite the androgynous looks Amber Liu portrays, the F(X) singer has never confirmed her sexuality. While there are speculations suggesting that she is gay, there is no sufficient evidence to back them up. In a 2018 profile with Koreaboo, Amber opened up about her struggles with relationships, revealing that it had taken her five years to get over one of her exes. The rapper also confirmed having had an ex-boyfriend, describing him as someone who was into sports and outdoor activities with her. In conclusion, although fans may assume that Amber Liu is gay, the Taiwanese-American singer has only ever identified as straight.

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