Is Drake Gay?

Who is Drake?

Who is it? Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, and record producer at the forefront of today’s music industry. Hailing from a broken family, Drake experienced a difficult upbringing after his parents divorced when he was only five years old. To make matters worse, he was bullied in his predominantly white school for being the only black Jew. Before his music career took off, he pursued acting in 2001, but it was ultimately his mixtape “Room for Improvement” released in 2006 that really put him on the map. Through the years, he developed an A-list reputation that led fans to probe deeper into his personal life which so happened to include questions of his sexuality. When Drake released his album “Certified Lover Boy”, featuring the song “Girls Want Girls”, the public began to question his sexuality even more. His past relationships with singer Rihanna, actress Jennifer Lopez, and rapper Nicki Minaj certainly seem to indicate that Drake is, in fact, straight. In 2017, Drake finally revealed his year-long secret of having a son with another woman, Sophie Brussaux. The conclusion is clear: Drake is a successful rapper from a broken family that is likely straight.

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What made Drake famous?

What made this personality famous? Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, is a Canadian rapper who rose to fame after the release of his debut mixtape “Room for Improvement” in 2006. He was born to a broken family and was the only Black Jew in a predominantly white school, leading him to be bullied. Despite these hardships, his passion for music and pursuit of acting from a young age took him to greater heights. What really drew the public attention to his name was the speculation about his sexuality. Some of his tracks in his album “Certified Lover Boy” raised questions about his sexuality and suddenly the public started to connect dots. However, looking back at his long list of fling relationships with many beautiful women like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez, it can be assumed Drake is not gay, but in fact straight. His secret love-child with Sophie Brussaux only further confirmed the fact. It was his potential as a great actor-rapper with some mild sources of controversy that made Drake become such an A-list personality.

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Is Drake gay?

Is this personality gay? With Aubrey Drake Graham, known as Drake, being an entrant on the A-list of rumored gays, it’s likely that people will ask if the Canadian rapper is actually gay. Despite this, Drake’s past relationships speak otherwise, as he has been involved with several women over the years. Some of his long list of past flings include Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Cecilia Rose, Chantel Everett, Johanna Leia, and Naomi Sharon, as well as many more. Even his close friend Nicki Minaj whom he performed a lap dance with in her music video ‘Anaconda’ sparked rumors. Most recently, Drake was even linked to the stunning 6-foot-tall blonde, 26-year-old model Lilia Wedell. Additionally, the rapper had a son with Sophie Brussaux in October of 2017, where he opened up about the secret in his song “Emotionless”, referring to keeping the child away from “empty souls”. With all of these facts, there is no doubt that Drake is straight.

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