Is James Spader Gay?

Who is James Spader?

Who is it? James Spader is an American actor best known for his award-winning roles on the shows “The Practice” and “Boston Legal”. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, to a progressive and liberal family, he attended Phillips Academy and dropped out at 17 to pursue acting professionally. He has since starred in films such as “Pretty In Pink”, “Mannequin”, and “Sex, Lies, and Videotape”, as well as provided the voice of Ultron for the Avengers series and played Robert California in the cult classic series “The Office”. Currently, he stars in NBC’s “The Blacklist”. Despite all his success, Spader remains private about his life and has never spoken about his sexuality. He married once to Victoria Kheel with whom he shares two sons, and is currently with his long-term partner, Leslie Stefanson, with whom he has another son. Based on his dating history, Spader is assumed to be straight.

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What made James Spader famous?

What made this personality famous? With his Academy Award winning performance in the film “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” and his Primetime Emmy Award winning portrayal of Alan Shore on the shows “The Practice and Boston Legal”, James Spader has become renowned for his acting talent. Born in Boston, Massachusetts on February 7, 1960, Spader is also known for starring in the films “Pretty In Pink”, “Mannequin”, “True Colors”, “Stargate”, “Crash”, and Spielberg’s 2002 erotic film, “Secretary”. Additionally, Spader has also had considerable success in television, notably through his work on cult classic series “The Office” and NBC’s crime show “The Blacklist”. The level of Spader’s success has also enabled him to keep a low profile in Hollywood. Despite this, his private life has still been subject of discussion as people speculate about his sexuality, to which he has never spoken about publicly.

Is James Spader gay?

Is this personality gay? Though James Spader has managed to keep a low profile in Hollywood and ultrasound to the public eye, fans and followers have been curious about his private life. Even though Spader has never spoken about his sexuality, he is assumed to be straight due to his past history. Spader has been married once, to Victoria Kheel, with whom he shares two sons. The actor is currently with his long-term partner, Leslie Stefanson, and they have one son together. Therefore, it is safe to assume that James Spader is not gay.

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