Is John Travolta Gay?

Who is John Travolta?

Who is it? From the ’80s up to today, the question of whether John Travolta is gay has been a subject of much controversy. Various men have come forward claiming to have had relationships with the Grease actor, leading to further questions about his sexuality. Pornstar Paul Barresi started the rumors when he confessed of their affair in the ’80s. Carrie Fisher, a friend of John for decades, further increased the speculation when she mentioned knowing that “John Travolta is gay” in a tell-all interview. Among the men to have accused John is Douglas Gotterba, a former pilot with John’s aircraft company. Fabian Zanzi accused John of sexual harassment, though their lawyers dismissed the claim. Two masseurs from Beverly Hills and Atlanta also filed a sexual battery lawsuit against him, but afterwards the lawsuit was withdrawn. John himself has denied all allegations and speculations regarding his sexuality. Kirstie Alley, his co-star in Look Who’s Talking Back, too has stated that John is not gay, and even admitted to having romantic feelings towards him. John and his wife Kelly Preston had been married for nearly 29 years. Despite all the issues and rumors, John Travolta is still innocent until proven guilty. With every evidence mention above, it’s safe to say that John Travolta is, in fact, straight.

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What made John Travolta famous?

What made this personality famous? John Travolta is a famous American actor who has starred in some well-known movies such as ‘Grease’, ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Look Who’s Talking’. He has been the subject of many gay rumors since the 1980s when pornstar Paul Barresi publicly asserted his relationship with Travolta and the actor’s involvement in various controversies. This caused people to speculate about John’s sexuality and even led to some men coming forward claiming to have a relationship with him. Carrie Fisher, John’s long-time friend, also “outed” the actor in an interview she had with in 2009. In addition, two masseurs from Beverly Hills and Atlanta filed a sexual battery lawsuit against John in 2012, though John’s lawyers denied the claims and the case was withdrawn. John eventually denied all the rumors about his sexuality and, from then on, many have speculated that he is straight. He has also been married to his wife, Kelly Preston, since 1991 and has three children with her.

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Is John Travolta gay?

Is this personality gay? Rumors about John Travolta’s sexuality have been floating around since the ’80s, when men came forward with stories of a relationship with the actor. However, actress Carrie Fisher, who had known John for decades, and pornstar Paul Barresi, who first publicly called him gay, both stoked the fire. In 2012, two masseurs filed suits for sexual assault, which were withdrawn later. But what is the real answer? No one can really know, but John Travolta has maintained his innocence, and he’s been married to Kelly Preston since 1991. They have three children together and, despite some reports, his formerキャロライン Church of Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder has said he wouldn’t speculate as to John’s orientation. Ultimately, while we may never know the full truth, it’s safe to say that John Travolta is straight.

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