Is Josh Groban Gay?

Who is Josh Groban?

Josh Groban is an American singer-songwriter-actor known for his beautiful voice, classical training, and crossover appeal. With millions of records sold and numerous honors, he has played with some of the biggest stars in the music industry. Though rumors of him being gay have surrounded him since his career started, Josh Groban is not gay; he has been in relationships with a few notable women and is currently linked to actress Natalie McQueen. Groban openly supports the LGBTQ community and has said, “If I were, I don’t view it as a bad thing.” He had his big break when David Foster heard him sing and recruited him to his company, 143 Records, a division of Warner Bros. Groban has made several appearances in films and television, and has played the lead role in the 2008 Tony-nominated musical, “The Great Comet.” It is clear that Josh Groban is a successful artist whose talent speaks for itself, no matter what his sexuality is.

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What made Josh Groban famous?

Josh Groban is an American singer-songwriter-actor known for his powerful voice, classical training, and crossover appeal. He has sold millions of records worldwide and has collaborated with some of the biggest stars in music. His musical career was launched to fame after being invited to step in for Andrea Bocelli at the Grammy Awards Rehearsal in 1998. Since then, Groban has received numerous honors and has made appearances in television and film. From his personal life, Groban has been in multiple relationships with women, yet rumors circulating about his sexuality continued to spark public interest. However, he has repeatedly confirmed he is not gay, yet his vocal and public support for the LGBTQ community highlights his open-mindedness.

Is Josh Groban gay?

Despite all the rumors surrounding American singer-songwriter-actor Josh Groban, he has been in several relationships with women like January Jones, Katy Perry, Selma Blair, Michelle Trachtenberg, Kat Dennings, Schulyer Helford, and currently Natalie McQueen. However, he’s received multiple questions asking whether he’s gay all throughout his career. On “Watch What Happen Live with Andy Cohen”, Groban revealed he has gay friends and believes that being gay is “not a bad thing.” In interviews, he has said that he doesn’t have any problem being open about his sexuality if he were gay, but he confirmed that he is not. Thus, after taking a deep look into the matter, we can safely conclude that Josh Groban is not gay.

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