Is LeVar Burton Gay?

Who is LeVar Burton?

Who is it? LeVar Burton is an American actor, director, and author who is well-known for his performances in popular television series and movies such as “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Reading Rainbow” and “Roots”. Born in 1957 in Landstuhl, Germany, Burton has been married to Stephanie Cozart since 1992 with whom he shares two kids. Over the last few years, Burton has become an advocate for marriage equality, as well as HIV/AIDS research and education, and is a vocal LGBTQ supporter. While many of his fans have questions about his sexuality, Burton is actually straight and still happily married to his wife.

What made LeVar Burton famous?

What made this personality famous? LeVar Burton is an American actor, director, and author who has been popular since the late 1970s. He has appeared in numerous television series and films, such as “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Reading Rainbow” and “Roots”. His breakthrough performance was in the historical miniseries “Roots” in 1977. He was also the host and producer of the educational children’s program “Reading Rainbow” from 1983 and was awarded several Daytime Emmy Awards. He is a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ community and has dedicated himself to HIV/AIDS education and research. He has been married to his wife Stephanie Cozart since 1992. This passionate character has made him a beloved pop culture icon for three decades.

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Is LeVar Burton gay?

Is LeVar Burton gay? No, LeVar Burton is not gay. The actor, director and author is well known for his memorable performances in shows and movies such as “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Reading Rainbow” and “Roots”. Despite being an LGBTQ supporter and vocal about it, Burton is actually heterosexual. He has been married to make-up artist Stephanie Cozart for three decades, and together they have two children. Burton is also involved with organizations like AIDS Research Alliance, fighting HIV/AIDS and raising the awareness of the disease through research and education. Therefore, it is clear that LeVar Burton is indeed straight.

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