Is OBJ Gay?

Who is OBJ?

Who is it? Odell Cornelious Beckham Jr., commonly known as OBJ, is one of the most electrifying and captivating players in the history of the NFL. His journey to becoming a football sensation began from an early age and involved hard work, raw talent, and a relentless desire to excel. Despite the fame, OBJ has been rumored to be gay for years. Is OBJ gay? Let’s find out! Historically, there have been media interest and speculation surrounding his relationships and interpersonal interactions. OBJ’s current romantic partner is Lauren Wood, with whom the couple celebrated their first-born’s arrival in 2022. However, rumors have it that the two have since split. OBJ cleared the air in an interview with GQ Sports where he stated his openness and acceptance of all sexual orientation, and stresses that love is love. He ultimately identifies himself as straight, putting all speculations to rest.

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What made OBJ famous?

What made this personality famous? Odell Cornelious Beckham Jr., more popularly known as OBJ, is one of the most captivating players in the NFL. His journey of immense hard work and unrivaled talent led him to the emergence of becoming a big football star from his early days in Baton Rogue. Throughout his high school and college days, OBJ showcased his exceptional athletic abilities and added to his fame with an iconic moment from “The Catch” during his time in Louisiana State University (LSU). His recognition increased to higher heights when he was traded to the New York Giants, then the Cleveland Browns, and most recently, the Baltimore Raven. And with it came speculations about his sexuality, which was fueled by his rarely seen social media posts about partnerships. However, OBJ cleared the air in an interview, stating that he identifies as straight, thus putting an end to all the rumors. With all his accomplishments and setbacks, OBJ put his name in the history books on NFL.

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Is OBJ gay?

Is this personality gay? Odell Cornelious Beckham Jr., popularly known as OBJ, is one of the most popular NFL players and from an early age, it was clear he had an innate talent for football. After impressive high school and college performances, it was only natural that OBJ would be at the center of attention in the football world. Rumors have been circulating about OBJ’s sexual orientation for years, but he has stated multiple times that he has no issues with anyone’s sexual orientation, leading many to speculate that he is gay. However, OBJ has identified himself as straight and has been in a confirmed relationship with Lauren Wood, with whom he had a child in 2022. Rumors of OBJ’s sexuality will remain just that — rumors — but he has made it clear that he has no issues with anyone’s sexual orientation.

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