Is Onlyjayus Gay?

Who is Onlyjayus?

Who is it? Onlyjayus is an American YouTuber and TikTok creator whose educational videos have earned them a following online. Born Isabella Avila on the East Coast in 1999, they adopted the moniker “onlyjayus” to create their channels, where they cover topics like psychology and fun facts. They prefer to use the “they or them” pronouns, and publicly identify as a lesbian, having been in relationships with other LGBTQ members in the past. Despite the success of their online presence, Onlyjayus ran into trouble in 2021 when text messages, containing anti-gay and racial slurs, were leaked. Consequently, many people called for their de-platforming, which onlyjayus responded to with an apology and a vow to educate themselves on important issues facing minorities.

What made Onlyjayus famous?

What made this personality famous? Onlyjayus is an American YouTuber and TikTok creator with an online presence that began in 2018. Their fame started with videos covering psychology, fun facts, and more. This earned them over 200,000 subscribers before controversy hit in 2021 with leaked personal texts containing slurs. Even though they apologized and took time away to educate, many felt it was scripted and inauthentic. In addition, while they identified as lesbian and have been involved with other LGBTQ members, persisting doubt lingers about their credibility.

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Is Onlyjayus gay?

Is this personality gay? Onlyjayus, an American YouTuber and TikTok creator, is known for their online educational videos. With a history of relationships with LGBTQ members, as well as leaked messages with anti-gay and racial slurs, one may be wondering the answer to this. As stated by Onlyjayus themselves, they are gay and identify as a lesbian, using the “they or them” pronouns. Although unfortunate, their leaked messages from years ago have caused controversy. With an apology and an acknowledgement of needing to educate themselves regarding minorities, Onlyjayus has since taken a step back from social media. It is unclear currently whether they have been fully forgiven.

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