Is Rhea Ripley Gay?

Who is Rhea Ripley?

Who is it? Demi Bennett, better known professionally as Rhea Ripley, is an Australian professional wrestler and member of Judgement Day currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on the Raw brand. She’s accomplished an incredible list of achievements in her career, such as winning all four current WWE Women’s Titles at the same time. That success has earned her lots of attention from fans, leading some to wonder if she can be classified as LGBTQ. Whether it be rumors of relationships with Liv Morgan and Damian Priest, or her confirmed romantic involvement with Demetri Jackson and current boyfriend Buddy Matthews, it’s clear that Rhea is not gay — she’s openly and proudly in relationships with men. Despite her fans’ hopes for a LGBTQ-friendly representation, Rhea continues to prove she is a tough female competitor who isn’t looking to label her sexual orientation one way or the other.

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What made Rhea Ripley famous?

What made this personality famous? Rhea Ripley, who was born Demi Bennett, is an Australian professional wrestler currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and is a member of Judgement Day. She has won numerous awards and titles, making her the only athlete to hold the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, Raw Women’s Champion, NXT UK Women’s Champion, and NXT Women’s Champion. Ripley gained a lot of fame from her accomplishments, but also from followers questioning her sexuality. Despite the speculation, she is currently in a relationship with AEW star Buddy Matthews, and has previously been linked to Kelvin (also known as Demetri Jackson) and other wrestlers. However, Ripley made headlines when she used a gay slur during a livestream in 2019. While she apologized for the incident, the moment swayed public opinion on her character, a lapse which continues to mar her notoriety to this day.

Is Rhea Ripley gay?

Is Rhea Ripley Gay? No, the Australian professional wrestler and WWE Superstar is not gay. Ripley has been in several relationships over the years, all of which were with men. This includes her current relationship with AEW wrestler Buddy Matthews and her previous relationship with independent wrestler Demetri Jackson. Neither Ripley nor her partners have ever indicated that she is anything other than straight. Additionally, Ripley has also been linked to other wrestlers such as Liv Morgan and Damian Priest, which fuels further speculation about her sexuality. However, these rumours haven’t been confirmed and are just speculation.

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