Is Thomas Sanders Gay?

Who is Thomas Sanders?

Who is it? Thomas Sanders is an American singer, actor, and an internet personality made famous by Vine and YouTube. He is well known for his funny videos and skits and has achieved lots of success due to his hard work and passion for singing and acting. Sanders, born in Gainesville, Florida, got a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida. With a large fan base on social media platforms, having 5 million followers on Vine, and 3.72 million subscribers on YouTube, the net worth of Sanders is estimated to be between $3 and $5 million dollars. In his video “Having Pride”, Sanders publicly announced he was gay. However, he clarified that he is not bisexual and has never been attracted to women. Sanders has never been married and currently is single. It is for sure that any future relationship of Sanders will be out for the public to know.

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What made Thomas Sanders famous?

What made this personality famous? Thomas Sanders is an internet celebrity who rose to fame with his funny videos on Vine and YouTube platforms. His series “Narrating People’s Lives”, also known as “Storytime”, and “Disney Prank with Friends”, got him over 5 million followers, making him the 17th most followed Viner. After Vine was shut down in 2017, Sanders moved over to YouTube, where he currently has 3.72 million subscribers. Further proof of his success comes from a range of awards he has been nominated for and won, including Favorite Vine Celebrity (2014), Vine Star of the Year (2015), Viner of the Year (2016), and YouTube Comedian (2017). Combining his passion for creating comedy skits, music and theatre, Sanders stays true to his roots as an artist and is able to stay connected and engaged with his fans. With his hard work and dedication, he established himself as one of the internet’s most famous personalities.

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Is Thomas Sanders gay?

Is Thomas Sanders Gay? Yes, Thomas Sanders is gay. He is an American singer, actor, and internet personality made famous by Vine and YouTube, gaining more than 5 million fans for his funny, comedic sketches and pranks. He publicly revealed his sexuality in a 2017 video, and clarified he is not bisexual. He has never been married, and his love life, although an open book, remains a mystery. Thomas Sanders continues to excel in his passions of music and theatre, performing in plays like “Les Miserables” and “Into the Woods” and being nominated and awarded favorite Vine Celebrity and Viner of the Year in 2016.

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