Is Anthony Padilla Gay?

Who is Anthony Padilla?

Who is it? Anthony Padilla is a 35-year-old YouTube star from Los Angeles, California. He is popularly known as a former member of “Smosh”, an American YouTube sketch comedy-improv collective, and he co-founded Smosh Productions with best friend Ian Hecox in 2005. In 2017, Padilla left the company to become an independent content creator, starting his own channel “AnthonyPadilla”. He has since garnered 7M subscribers, and in 2019 he hosted the Nickelodeon digital series called “Throw Back with Nickelodeon”. Rumors have circulated about Padilla’s sexuality, but he is currently dating YouTube star “Mykie”, who he made Instagram-official in 2019 and is still together with. Padilla has said that he is straight and that he doesn’t identifies as gay. He’s encouraged others to be open about their sexuality and to be true to themselves.

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What made Anthony Padilla famous?

Anthony Padilla is a well-known YouTube star and co-founder of the group “Smosh”. In 2017, he left “Smosh” to become an independent content creator, thereby launching his own channel, “AnthonyPadilla”, which has amassed 7M subscribers. Private life events have raised a few questions about his sexuality, including rumors and speculation. However, he clarified that he is straight and currently in a long term relationship with make-up artist and YouTube star Lauren Mychal (Mykie). From his vlogs, we learn that he has been asked about his sexuality since he was seven-years-old, and now encourages viewers to embrace themselves without conforming to societal norms. His success as a content creator and his inspirational story make Anthony Padilla a famous personality.

Is Anthony Padilla gay?

Is this personality gay? Has this question been on your mind recently? Concerning Anthony Padilla, a 35-year-old YouTube star from LA, there have been rumors regarding the topic, leaving us all in suspense. Padilla left the group “Smosh” in 2017 and started his own independent channel “AnthonyPadilla”. He currently is dating well-known YouTube make-up artist, Lauren Mychal, who goes by the online name “Mykie”. Before his current relationship, Padilla had two other relationships. In one video he posted, he addressed these rumors and clarified he was straight, defining ”gay” as someone who is attracted to those of the same sex or gender, which he doesn’t consider himself as. Thus, the answer to the question is No, Anthony Padilla is not gay.

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