Is Ranboo Gay?

Who is Ranboo?

Who is it? It’s Ranboo, the popular American Youtuber and Twitch streamer, whose real name is still unknown. Despite his anonymity, his gaming talent and personality have made him a household name within and outside of his niche. People started speculating about his relationship status when they thought he was in a relationship with recent co-streamer Aimsey, although it was just a close friendship. Fans have also shipped him with fellow streamer Tubbo, whose real name is Tobby Smith, but these are all just roleplays from fans. Last April 2022, Ranboo confirmed to his followers that he’s unlabelled, but, can mostly identify as gay, if he must label himself. Although fans can’t see his face due to his dysmorphia, he promised to reveal it once he reaches 5 million subs on YouTube, a milestone he’s currently approaching near. He’s earned an average of $162,000 to $175,000 from Twitch alone, which is a testament to his talents and hard work. Regardless, it seems that Ranboo is comfortable with whatever fans call him, so long as it doesn’t bother him.

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What made Ranboo famous?

What made this personality famous? Ranboo, whose real name is still unknown, is an American Youtuber and a Twitch streamer. His gaming talent and personality have made him popular within and outside his niche, with his Twitch streams earning him an average of $162,000 to $175,000. Apart from his gaming skills, fans have also been eager to learn more about his life, as he famously uses masks and anonymity to hide his identity. In April 2022, the renowned streamer revealed that he does not really mind being labelled as gay, although he prefers not to categorise himself in any such way, thereby putting an end to these rumours. Taking advantage of his mysterious presence, fans have also been waiting for him to show them his real face. Once he reaches 5 million YouTube subscribers, he has promised to do so. So far amidst all the speculations and anticipation, that’s what’s made him a unique and famous personality.

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Is Ranboo gay?

Is this personality gay? Although Ranboo never directly answered the gay rumors, he shared in a post on Twitter last April 2022 that he’s “kinda always gone around life just being attracted to whoever I am attracted to it [sic] just so happens that most of them line up with a ‘certain type’ you could say lol am okay with the gay label :)”. So, while he prefers to be called unlabeled, Ranboo doesn’t seem to be bothered with being called gay either. The renowned streamer has been open to his followers about many facts about himself, from walking and talking in his sleep, to only showing his face once he reaches 5 million subscribers on Youtube. Though he required anonymity to hide his struggles with dysmorphia, he revealed handsome looks with his recent post without his usual shades. Fans may never know the truth behind the gay rumors, but they do know, that regardless of the label, Ranboo is an amazing gamer who actually earns an average of $162,000 to $175,000 from Twitch alone.

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