Is Jonathan Cheban Gay?

Who is Jonathan Cheban?

Who is it? Jonathan Cheban, also known by the alias “Foodgod”, is a Soviet Union-born US internet and reality TV personality, entrepreneur, and former publicist. He first gained recognition by appearing on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and its spin-offs, as Kim Kardashian’s BFF. Cheban owns a clothing line, a Miami-based restaurant, a New York-based fast food restaurant, and runs a podcast. His millions of social media followers led to rumors about his sexuality, which he has never addressed directly. He had one public relationship with a stylist and a few flings with mystery women, but these do not definitively prove his sexual preference. To this day, Jonathan Cheban’s sexuality remains a mystery.

What made Jonathan Cheban famous?

What made this personality famous? Jonathan Cheban became a public figure as he appeared regularly in the reality TV series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” as Kim Kardashian’s best friend. Secondly, he is an entrepreneur and owns a clothing line named Kritik and a Miami-based and New York-based restaurants. Additionally, he runs a podcast titled “Foodgod: OMFG!” which adds more credibility to his fame. The public love affair with the Kardashians transformed him into a social media star. With over 21.3k subscribers on YouTube, 642.5k followers on Twitter, and 3.9M followers on Instagram, it seems like he has become a household name. Even people he has closely interacted with are intrigued by his sexuality. Though he is tight lipped about it, but the rumors suggest he could be bisexual.

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Is Jonathan Cheban gay?

Is This Personality Gay? Jonathan Cheban, better known as “Foodgod”, is an American internet and reality TV star, entrepreneur, and former publicist. He became a public figure through appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spinoffs, and first became famous as Kim Kardashian’s BFF. However, Cheban’s newfound fame has caused speculation about his sexual preference, and this was increased further when Kim’s then-husband mentioned the topic on TV. Although considered a slightly taboo subject, Cheban has decided to opt out of answering any questions about his sexuality, fueling the speculation of the public. While there are several flings and one confirmed relationship mentioned by the public, none of these relationships prove that he is strictly heterosexual. Due to his silence regarding his sexuality, no one really knows if Jonathan Cheban is gay or not, and the mystery remains unsolved.

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