Is Casey Frey Gay?

Who is Casey Frey?

Who is it? In June 2021, Casey Frey, widely recognized for his dancing skills, comedic talent, and social media influence, revealed his sexual orientation on Theo Von’s podcast, “This Past Weekend”. He revealed himself as bisexual, also confirming his current relationship with a barber by the name of Joshua Elias Haynesworth-Polen. Over the years, Frey has built a massive online presence of captivating dance performances, comedic videos, and widespread influence due to his collaborations with various brands and artists. As his personal life often stayed out of the spotlight, fans were ecstatic and surprised to finally find out that the much-loved entertainer was bisexual and in a relationship.

What made Casey Frey famous?

What made this personality famous? Casey Frey’s fame comes from his captivating dance performances, blending of contemporary, hip-hop, and freestyle movements, as well as his unique sense of humor. His videos, sketches, and comedic timing, as well as collaborations with brands and artists, have garnered millions of views and a large following worldwide. In June 2021, Frey also revealed his bisexuality on a podcast with Theo Von, further drawing attention to his personal life and increasing his fame.

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Is Casey Frey gay?

Is Casey Frey gay? After maintaining a private personal life and focusing mainly on his work, the immensely popular dancer, comedian, and social media influencer confirmed his sexuality on an episode of Theo Von’s podcast. Frey revealed he is bisexual, and he is currently in a relationship with his barber, Joshua Elias Haynesworth-Polen. Fans were ecstatic when he shared this news, and his coming out has made a positive impact on the LGBTQ+ community. Thus, Casey Frey identifies as bisexual, and his fans are very supportive and proud of his bravery.

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