Is Damian Hurley Gay?

Who is Damian Hurley?

Who is it? Damian Hurley is the 21-year-old son of the English actress and model Liz Hurley, who was making headlines in the 90s. He was born as Damian Charles Hurley on April 4, 2002 and was initially denied paternity by his father, Steve Bing. But a DNA test later proved that Steve Bing was, in fact, his father. Despite being raised in the limelight, Damian has managed to stay relatively out of the media, only surfacing in acting and modelling. He is signed with IMG models and works as a rising actor as well. He is best known to be Liz Hurley’s spitting image and although some people mistakenly assume he is gay or transgender, he actually identifies himself as a heterosexual man. In fact, he has been publicly flexing his girlfriends in his social media posts without ever revealing who they are. So those who were wondering the truth about Damian’s sexuality can now relax their worries.

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What made Damian Hurley famous?

What made this personality famous? Damian Hurley, the 21-year-old son of actress and model Liz Hurley, is best known for being his mother’s spitting image and also a direct descendant of a millionaire and property heir. Coming from high-profile parents, it was already expected that he would also follow in the footsteps of his mother. Hurley is also making a name for himself in acting and modeling, having roles in “The Boy on the Beach” and “The Royals.” He also recently dabbled in directing with 2023 thriller film “Strictly Confidential,” and signed with IMG Models. With him having high-profile godparents such as Hugh Grant, David Beckham, Elton John, and Denis Leary, the public was also naturally drawn into questioning Damian Hurley’s sexuality. Although Hurley never addresses the gossip, he constantly flexes his relationships with girls on social media, showing that he is neither gay nor transgender and identifies as a straight male.

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Is Damian Hurley gay?

Is Damian Hurley Gay? Damian Hurley, son of the late millionaire Steve Bing and English actress and model Liz Hurley, has always been in the spotlight. Although initially denied paternity, a DNA test later proved otherwise. His mother’s unique looks and bold personality have followed Damian, too, with many people wondering about his sexuality. Thanks to his long hair and feminine facial features, the public had assumed he was either gay or transgender. However, Damian flexed his relationships with his female girlfriends on his Instagram account, subtly debunking these rumors. He was also seen getting cozy with women and captioned posts with”wife” and “baby girl”. Albeit never speaking publicly about them, these posts made it known that Damian identifies himself as a straight male.

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