Is Fred Gay?

Who is Fred?

Who is it? Lucas Cruikshank, better known as his online pseudonym “Fred Figglehorn”, is an American Internet personality and actor who rose to fame in the mid-2000s when he created the wildly popular character of Fred. He gained millions of subscribers, transitioned into mainstream media, and further solidified his status as a multi-talented entertainer. In 2013, Lucas revealed his sexuality in a comedic YouTube video, coming out as a gay man. This was followed by a supportive response from his fans and a “proud of you!” message from Cher. Lucas is in a long-term relationship with his Australian model boyfriend, Matthew Fawus, with whom he celebrated their 10-year anniversary this year. Therefore, it is clear that Lucas Cruikshank, or “Fred Figglehorn”, is openly gay.

What made Fred famous?

What made this personality famous? Rising to fame in the mid-2000s, Lucas Cruikshank underwent a major transformation to create an online pseudonym – Fred Figglehorn. This high-pitched, hyperactive character instantly became a sensation on YouTube, earning millions of subscribers and captivating audiences of all ages with its unique brand of humor. The fame this created then transcended to the mainstream media, with Lucas starring in movies and TV shows, as well as coming out publicly as gay in 2013. This privileged insight into Lucas’s personal life, coupled with his already impressive talent, meant that he had no shortage of fan adoration. As a pioneering entertainer in the world of online content, Lucas Cruikshank has experienced a fiercely loyal following and continues to keep them engaged with his various projects.

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Is Fred gay?

Is Fred Gay? Yes, Lucas Cruikshank, whose online pseudonym is “Fred Figglehorn,” is openly gay. In 2013, when he was barely 20 years old, he came out publicly in a comedic YouTube video. According to Lucas, his friends and family had known about his sexuality for three years before he decided to share it with the public. He and his Australian model boyfriend Matthew Fawcus have been together since March of 2013 and just celebrated a decade together. Lucas’s fans were nothing but supportive of him coming out and even music icon Cher sent Lucas a proud message. Lucas’s on-screen portrayal of Fred Figglehorn and his mannerisms that some fans perceive as effeminate, have made it easy for his audience to understand why he was hesitant to come out in the beginning.

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