Is Jeffree Star Gay?

Who is Jeffree Star?

Who Is It? Jeffree Star is an American makeup artist, singer, and online personality famous for his YouTube channel and beauty line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Although Star identifies as a male, the beauty mogul identifies as gay and prefers to present as both masculine and feminine. Fans have speculated about Star’s past relationships as he was first linked to Chris Crocker in early 2005 and in 2015, he started dating Nathan Schwandt. He then briefly dated professional athlete Andre Marhold from August to October 2020, and is currently speculated to be dating a yet-unnamed NFL player. Star has been outspoken about his experiences with identity and self-confidence, and has become more comfortable in his own skin. Despite being a controversial figure, Star is determined to make a stance for the LGBTQ community and proudly represent it to the world.

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What made Jeffree Star famous?

What made this personality famous? From his outrageous public persona to his online fame, Jeffree Star quickly became a household name after creating his YouTube channel in 2014. By 2020, he amassed over a billion views and 15 million subscribers on the social media platform. Fans love Star for his unique and audacious no-nonsense reviews and unforgiving commentary. He gained more attention after founding Jeffree Star Cosmetics, a successful beauty line he actively promotes on YouTube. Before his YouTube success, Star was an established fashion figure on MySpace, providing commentary on style and beauty. Star also dabbled in the music industry, releasing his first and last studio album, “Beauty Killer,” in 2009. Moreover, his boyfriend rumors and drama brought more attention to his already controversial personality. From his relationship with Chris Crocker to Andre Marhold, Star’s prolific and fluid love life has attracted both queer and straight viewers alike.

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Is Jeffree Star gay?

Is this personality gay? Jeffree Star is an American makeup artist, singer and online personality who is famous for his YouTube channel and his beauty line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His confident personality and style love to express his sexuality have caused a lot of speculation about his sexuality. Star is a controversial figure in the LGBTQ space, so many have asked whether he is gay. The answer is simple: Yes, Jeffree Star is gay. He does identify as biologically male and loves wearing makeup and feminine clothes and he identifies himself as gay. The rumors in regards to his romantic history seem to confirm his homosexuality. Jeffree Star dated Chris Crocker for 5 years, Nathan Schwandt from 2015 to 2020 and Andre Marhold from August to October of 2020. Despite the end of the relationships not being amicable, Jeffree Star has not failed to find someone to keep his life entertaining- he is currently linked to a tall and well-built mystery man, an NFL player according to the speculations. The beauty mogul is undoubtedly a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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