Is John Legend Gay?

Who is John Legend?

Who is it? John Legend is an American singer and songwriter adored for his deep silky voice and hit song, “All of Me.” He was born John Roger Stephens on December 28, 1978, in Springfield, Ohio with a musical family. His father was a drummer and his mother sang in the choir, inspiring Stephens to follow suit. After college, Stephens met Kanye West and adopted the stage name “John Legend” given to him by poet J. Ivy as a nod to his classical voice. Throughout his career, Legend was often the subject of gay rumors due to his good looks and relationships, but he is actually straight and married to model Chrissy Teigen. Even though he is not gay himself, Legend is a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights and regularly displays his support for the community.

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What made John Legend famous?

What made this personality famous? From the start of John Legend’s career, he has been a stand-out. With a deep silky voice and immense talent, it’s no wonder he caught the attention of the great Kanye West. After signing with the label, GOOD Music, and adoption of the stage name “John Legend” given to him by a poet, Legend released his debut album “Get Lifted” in 2004. The album and following albums were incredibly successful, leading to 12 Grammy awards and at least 31 nominations, and Legend becoming the first black man to win all four major entertainment awards. In recognition of his success, he was named people’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in November 2019. With a memorable voice, impressive career success, and undeniable charm, it isn’t hard to see why John Legend is one of the greatest singers of the 21st century.

Is John Legend gay?

Contrary to persistent rumors, John Legend is not gay. He is straight and has been happily married to model Chrissy Teigen since 2013. Though the singer remains coy about his personal life, he openly shows his support for the LGBTQ community and refuses to attend events hosted by those against it. An example of this was when he refused to attend a party in his honor at the Beverly Hills Hotel after learning of its owner, the Sultan of Brunei’s anti-LGBT laws. Legend and Teigen have weathered many storms together, such as the couple’s struggles in conceiving children. This was especially true for Teigen’s third pregnancy with son Jack, in which she underwent an early abortion to save her life. Finally,in January 2023, they welcomed their fourth child, daughter Esti Maxine Stephens. Through it all, John Legend continues to prove his loyalty and love for his wife and family, showing that he is indeed straight.

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