Is Larray Gay?

Who is Larray?

Who is it? Larray is an American YouTuber and social media influencer who was born on July 22, 1998. He is best known for his comedic videos and is part of the famous TikTok content creator group, The Hype House. Despite his relationship with a girlfriend before coming out, it was not a positive experience for him, and he is now openly gay. His most recent relationship was with fellow YouTuber, Brady Potter, lasting two years before they split in 2021. Fans were quick to judge him after he tweeted that he felt compelled to pretend to be gay for “clout” and was eager to be “canceled”, but it was probably all in good fun since he had such a long history of relationships with people of the same sex.

What made Larray famous?

What made this personality famous? Larray, born Larri Merritt, is a 24-year-old American YouTuber and social media influencer most well-known as part of the TikTok content creation collective, The Hype House. He gained fame on the now defunct 6-second video app, Vine, and is adored by fans for his high-energy and goofy personality. He has posted daily vlogs, comedy videos, gaming videos, viral trends, and collaborations with his fellow creators on TikTok and YouTube. He even released some of his own music, with his most popular track, “Canceled,” released in 2020. With his top three songs staying on the Billboard Comedy Digital Tracks chart for 42 weeks before its abolishment in 2020, he was even nominated for the Breakout Creator category for the 9th Streamy Awards in 2019. His openness about his past relationships with fellow social media influencers piqued the interests of fans through the years since there were rumors stirring around his sexual orientation. Although he was previously linked to other influencers, Larray is actually openly gay, with his most public relationship being with fellow Hype House member Brady Potter, lasting for two years before their split in 2021. He had even briefly dated a few people of the same sex before that relationship.

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Is Larray gay?

Is this personality gay? Larray is openly gay. His relationships with people of the same sex have been public, the most recent one being a two year long one with Brady Potter. His previous tweets admitting to “not wanting to be gay anymore” and “pretending to be one just for clout” may have led some to wonder if he was not straight, but it’s clear from his past relationships and his dating history that he is indeed gay.

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