Is Matt Fraser Gay?

Who is Matt Fraser?

Who is it? Matt Fraser is an American psychic and author best known for starring in the reality show “Meet The Frasers”. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island and his supernatural powers were supposedly inherited from his mother and grandmother. Fraser claimed to have had paranormal experiences with his grandmother and also debuted his first two books talking about these experiences. He has had success with this series and even his own reality show, where his then-girlfriend, Alexa Papigiotis, starred with him. While there are questions surrounding his psychic abilities, one major question revolves around his sexuality and if Fraser is gay. It is understandable that many would assume that the medium is closeted gay based on his flamboyant personality, but Fraser is actually straight and happily married to Alexa Papigiotis. The couple have one son, Royce Fraser. There have also been critics who accuse Fraser of using “cold reading” techniques and other methods to trick audiences, though these remain unsubstantiated. So, the answer is no, Matt Fraser is not gay.

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What made Matt Fraser famous?

What made this personality famous? Matt Fraser is an American psychic and author who found fame as the star of the E! Channel’s reality show, “Meet The Frasers”. He gained a fan following thanks to his claims of supernatural abilities inherited from his mother and grandmother, and ties to Native American heritage. Additionally, he achieved success through his books, “The Secrets To Unlocking Your Psychic Ability” and “When Heaven Calls”, which document his interactions with the dead. Fraser has also been the subject of dispute, as skeptics have questioned his power and a group of friends even devised an elaborate sting operation just to try and debunk his abilities. Despite these controversies, Fraser has managed to create an impressive following. Fans are not only interested in his supernatural abilities, but also his relationships and sexuality. In reality, Matt Fraser is married to his long-time girlfriend, Alexa Papigiotis and they have one son, Royce Fraser; proving the medium to be heterosexual.

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Is Matt Fraser gay?

Is this personality gay? The media has put Matt Fraser, the American psychic and author best-known for starring in the reality television series “Meet The Frasers”, under the microscope when it comes to his sexuality. Fraser is married to former Miss Rhode Island, Alexa Papigiotis, and the couple have one son together, Royce Fraser. Fraser has been in a monogamous relationship with Papigiotis since 2019 and the pair have stayed together throughout the years. With this evidence in mind, it is safe to say that Matt Fraser is not gay, but straight.

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