Is Steve Harrington Gay?

Who is Steve Harrington?

Who is it? Steve Harrington is a central character in the hit Netflix series, “Stranger Things”. Portrayed by Joe Keery, he is a 16-year-old popular high schooler at the start of the show. The story kicks off with the disappearance of his girlfriend, Nancy Wheeler’s, friend. Throughout the show, Steve helps in the investigation and also aids in the fight against supernatural beings from an alternate dimension. Despite starting out as the antagonist, viewers quickly grew to love Steve’s lovable and funny characteristics. This sparked speculations that Steve Harrington may be gay. However, his character development suggests he is straight and only friends with his LGBTQ peers. He still remains open to the idea of dating and finding the “perfect woman” to settle down with.

What made Steve Harrington famous?

What made this personality famous? Steve Harrington, portrayed by Joe Keery, is one of the main characters in the hit Netflix series, “Stranger Things”. He starts out as a typical popular high schooler but soon reveals a charmer hidden inside. As the show progresses, Steve slowly transforms from an arrogant boyfriend to a lovable and funny sidekick. His transformation has grabbed the attention of viewers, and his chemistry with the other characters has made him the most adored and quoted character on the show. Consequently, he has become the subject of many fan speculations – the biggest of which being: Is Steve Harrington gay? Despite his remarkable chemistry and sweet touch with the other characters, Steve’s character is confirmed to be straight. He is depicted as open and welcoming to all of his LGBTQ friends and has expressed his thoughts of trying to find the “perfect woman.” Steve Harrington’s captivating transformation and newfound popularity is what made him “famous” among fans.

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Is Steve Harrington gay?

Is this personality gay? Steve Harrington is a beloved fictional character portrayed by Joe Keery from the hit series “Stranger Things”. He starts out as an arrogant and flawed teen shown in an relationship with another main character, Nancy Wheeler. Despite splitting with her, Steve is straightforward with his feelings for other women, proclaiming his desire to find the “perfect woman”. Additionally, he is portrayed as open and welcoming to his LGBTQ friends throughout the show. With a near-death experience together, Steve’s feelings for Robin Buckley are a big question for fans, but he readily accepts her as just a friend. The only other LGBTQ character is Robin, and fans have speculated that Will Byers may be gay. Ultimately, while fans can’t help but pair him with other characters, the development of Steve’s character shows that he identifies as straight.

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