Is Sue Perkins Gay?

Who is Sue Perkins?

Who is it? Sue Perkins is an English actress, broadcaster, comedian, presenter, writer and a conductor. She was born on 22nd September 1969 in Croydon, London, and grew up with her two younger siblings. She attended Croham Hurst School at the same time as television presenter Susanna Reid and graduated from the University of Cambridge. Her career began when she partnered with Mel Giedroyc in Mel and Sue, where they gained success and were shortlisted for awards at the Edinburgh Festival. Perkins has achieved a variety of accomplishments such as hosting The Great British Bake Off and initiating her sitcom Heading Out. She has also conducted in orchestras, judged the Man Booker Prize in 2009 and wrote a memoir and travelogue. Despite being outed as a lesbian in 2002, her sexuality is only the 47th most interesting thing about her. Her ancestry comprises of both English and German origins.

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What made Sue Perkins famous?

What made this personality famous? Susan Elizabeth Perkins has garnered fame as an English actress, broadcaster, comedian, television presenter and writer. Her iconic comedic partnership with Mel Giedroyc, specifically ‘Mel and Sue’, marked the beginning of her stardom for which she is now best known. She has presented for popular UK television shows such as ‘The Great British Bake Off’ (2010–2016), ‘Insert Name Here’ (2016–2019) and ‘Just a Minute’ (since 2021). She has also served as a panel member of Radio 4’s ‘The News Quiz’, guest conducted the London Gay Symphony Orchestra, and presented a number of television travel programmes in the UK. Her self-penned sitcom, ‘Heading Out’, was well-received, and her autobiography, ‘Spectacles’, was a best seller. She has vowed to continue making the world laugh with her impeccable wit.

Is Sue Perkins gay?

Is this personality gay? Sue Perkins, English actress, broadcaster, comedian, presenter and writer, born in 1969 in Croydon, London, is a well-known public figure in UK. She is best known for her comedy partnership with Mel Giedroyc in Mel and Sue, The Great British Bake Off, Insert Name Here and Just a Minute on BBC Radio 4. Although it is not known for certain, Perkins has been outed as a lesbian in 2002 by her former partner Rhona Cameron who alluded to her sexual orientation during a TV show appearance. Perkins has herself also spoken of being a lesbian, saying that it is “only about the 47th most interesting thing about me”. She is living in a relationship with TV presenter Anna Richardson since 2014.

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