Is David Muir Gay?

Who is David Muir?

Who is it? David Muir is an award-winning journalist who also works as a news anchor for “ABC World News Tonight”. His charm has attracted many people’s attention, sparking rumors about him being gay. Though he has never revealed who he is dating, nor confirmed his sexuality, gossip has linked him to other men, such as Gio Benitez who announced his engagement with a husband in 2015. There have been rumors that he is also dating American writer and editor Kate Dries and mystery man Sean, founder of a swimwear company. Lastly, David Muir also has close ties with actress and host Kelly Ripa, though it does not necessarily mean anything romantic. So far, David Muir has never commented on any of these relationships and the question of his sexuality remains unanswered.

What made David Muir famous?

What made this personality famous? David Muir is an award-winning journalist and news anchor for ABC World News Tonight whose charm has captivated an audience of both women and gays. Yet despite how popular he is, the public knows little about his personal life and rumors about his sexuality have flourished. People began to assume he was gay when he was spotted at a gay bar several times with fellow news anchor Gio Benitez, who is openly gay. David Muir has been romantically linked to several men and women, yet there is no proof of any of these connections. Many had thought that he was dating Kate Dries after she wrote an article about him, and a recent rumor linked him to the founder of a swimwear brand. But he has also been close with talk show host Kelly Ripa, even though she has been married to actor Mark Consuelos since 1996. In the end, David Muir’s sexuality remains a mystery, leaving the public to guess his real romantic life.

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Is David Muir gay?

Is this personality gay? David Muir is an award-winning journalist who works as news anchor, however, little is known about his personal life as he never discloses any information about it. Many are curious about his sexuality as he has never publicly dated anyone, sparking speculations among many that he is gay. There have been some people linked to him in the past such as Kate Dries and a mystery man known as Sean, but there is no concrete proof of the relationship. He also has close ties with fellow news anchor Gio Benitez and actress Kelly Ripa but this hasn’t been proven as well. His close bond with his family and his nieces and nephews is evident on his social media accounts. As he has never confirmed nor denied his sexuality so far, the question of whether David Muir is indeed gay or not still remains unanswered.

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