Is Paul Hollywood Gay?

Who is Paul Hollywood?

Who is it? Paul Hollywood is an English celebrity chef and judge on “The Great British Bake Off” who has also earned a reputation as an artist. A rumor of his being gay was sparked when Matt Lucas, the host of “The Great British Bake Off”, made a reference to him as a “gay man” in one of the episodes. While it’s assumed that the comment was just a funny remark, it left viewers wondering about Paul’s true orientation. Although he was married to Alexandra Hollywood in the past, in 2017 they decided to separate. Paul is now in a relationship with his fiancée Melissa Spalding, whom he recently got engaged to. With the news of their engagement, it is unlikely that Paul is gay and is instead straight.

What made Paul Hollywood famous?

What made this personality famous? Paul Hollywood is an English celebrity chef and judge of popular baking show “The Great British Bake Off” since 2010. His fame is mainly attributed to his marvelous baking skills and fun and humorous personality on the show. His popularity took a brief downward turn when a joke made by Matt Lucas on the show led to speculation about his sexuality. This was highly speculated and debated, and even homophobic jokes by his friend Noel Fielding caused his name to be dragged in a negative light. However, with the announcement of his recent engagement with Melissa Spalding, the old rumors of Paul being gay were quickly dispelled. His relationship history and second attempt at marriage definitively proves that the celebrity chef is heterosexual.

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Is Paul Hollywood gay?

Is this personality gay? That was the question entertained by many viewers when “The Great British Bake Off” host Matt Lucas made a reference to celebrity chef Paul Hollywood being a “gay man.” Despite the seemingly funny remark, it was enough to make people suspicious of his true sexual orientation. Rumor has it that Paul is in a relationship with a woman, however his reputation was further tainted when one of his close friend made homophobic jokes in light of the gossip. To make matters worse, it was discovered that Paul had an affair with his co-judge in “The American Baking Competition” in 2013. Fast forward to present day, Paul is now newly engaged to his girlfriend Melisa Spalding who he met at a pub near his home in Ashford. This has seemingly put to bed all the gay rumors. Thus, it is safe to conclude that contrary to speculations, Paul Hollywood is straight.

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