Is Pyrocynical Gay?

Who is Pyrocynical?

Who is it? Niall Murphy, also known as his famous online moniker “Pyrocynical”, is an English commentary YouTuber born on May 14, 1997. He started creating videos in 2014, mainly MLG montage parodies, before transitioning to commentary. Pyrocynical’s channel gained serious traction by 2019, with the YouTuber also taking part in comedic skits, meme views, and reviews of popular culture. In October 2016, he surprised viewers by revealing his real identity and being open about his personal life. Pyrocynical has earned a reputation as an early adopter of the commentary format on YouTube and now has over four million subscribers. Despite creating comedic videos, he has clarified he is straight and has been in two committed relationships with women. The claims of him being gay were thanks to his physical appearance and Pyrocynical has even joked about this with his fans. He is currently in a relationship with a woman named Ida.

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What made Pyrocynical famous?

What made this personality famous? Niall Murphy, widely known as “Pyrocynical,” rose to fame as one of the earliest adopters of the commentary format on YouTube in 2014. Pyrocynical’s content is based on entertaining commentary videos, comedic skits, and in-depth reviews of popular culture. His popularity was further boosted when he revealed his true identity in a video titled “who i’m voting for president (face reveal).” Combined with his large subscriber base of over four million, his fame is undeniable. Pyrocynical’s controversial feud with YouTuber Keemstar and his quirky take on his own sexuality have also kept him in the petaling lights of fame.

Is Pyrocynical gay?

Is this personality gay? Despite being teased for “looking like a lesbian,” the famous English content creator and commentary YouTuber known as Pyrocynical has clarified that he identifies as straight. He has had two public relationships, the first of which was with YouTube star Hyojin Choi from 2016 to 2019. He is currently in a relationship with a woman named Ida, and the two have been dating since 2020. With a growing fanbase of over four million, Pyrocynical has shared tidbits of his personal life while still maintaining some level of mystery to his viewers. So, there is no doubt that Pyrocynical is not gay.

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